Job Description - Mental Health Residential Services, Direct Care II Position

Title: Direct Care II – MH
Status: Full or Part Time
Program: Mental Health Residential Services
Reports to: Program Director

SUMMARY: Direct Care II positions are responsible for promoting a supportive therapeutic relationship which fosters client growth. Staff will demonstrate a commitment to the principals of psychosocial rehabilitation.


  1. Promote consumer choice in all aspects of residential treatment.
  2. Provide supportive counseling/crisis intervention services to consumer, as needed.
  3. Assist consumer in maintaining housing.
  4. Assist consumer in development of Program Specific Treatment Plan (PSTP).
  5. Provide flexible levels of support to consumer, as detailed in PSTP.
  6. Assist consumer in development of natural support networks.
  7. Assist consumer in development of community living skills, as outlined in PSTP.
  8. Maintain ongoing communication with other treatment providers and other program staff.
  9. Perform record keeping to achieve DMH Rehabilitation Option Certification.
  10. Transport consumers, as needed.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


  1. A valid Massachusetts driver’s license.
  2. Ability to climb stairs/stepladder.
  3. Ability to read and write in English.
  4. Utilization of properly registered and insured personal vehicle to transport consumers.
  5. Valid Massachusetts Medication Administration Certificate.
  6. Some flexibility in scheduling may be required based on consumer need.
  7. Ability and willingness to abide by agency policies and procedures.
  8. Ability to walk from staff office at Westford group home to the 2nd floor of apartment adjacent to group home within a reasonable period of time (defined as one minute).


  1. Associate’s degree in Human Services and /or 1 year human service work experience.

Applications should be sent to Program Director, Mental Health Residential Services,
Mental Health Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.

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